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Things SLA Seniors Will Miss About Philly

  We all go our separate ways after graduation. Many kids will stay home in Philadelphia, But Some will not. When I was applying, I knew I wanted to go my own way, and that meant leaving the city. I was born in Philadelphia, raised right here in the public school system. I take so […]

Access To Sexual Education at SLA

*Editorial Aaron Watson-Sharer Editor   Every spring, Science Leadership Academy students receive a lecture on Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s). I’ve been going to these sessions since freshman year. I’m a senior now and the presentation hasn’t changed much. The public health advocates have always provided students with a straightforward presentation that covers two common STD’s […]

SLA Runners Talk About Their Coaches and Goals

Aaron Watson-Sharer Editor   At Science Leadership Academy, running is especially popular. With three growing programs which gain many athletes it isn’t a surprise they’re always competing across Philadelphia.   In the Spring, the school has Track and Field. The team is more speed and strength based than Cross Country or the Students Run Philly […]

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Morning Gymnastics: What I Do In Order To Be On Time

Aaron Watson-Sharer Editor   The phrase is “If you’re on time, you’re late, and if you’re late, you’re fired.” Well at SLA, we have four latenesses equals one detention instead.  Surprisingly, I’ve never had to attend a detention at SLA. 8:15 A.M. has become a staple in my head over the years; just get here […]

Reactions to the Senate’s Nomination of Betsy DeVos

Column Aaron Watson-Sharer Editor     On February 7th, I sat in class like any day, surfing the web. But this time was different. I sat expecting the worst on Twitter live, waiting for a decision from the Senate hearing of Betsy DeVos. It took only a few minutes to accept our reality. A reality […]

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College Admissions Limbo and the Home Stretch

    Aaron Watson-Sharer Editor   Column-   We all know the first half of your senior year is when you have to prove to colleges that your first three years weren’t a fluke. Some courses become more demanding and you have more outside of the classroom responsibilities. Between assuming major roles in all your […]

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Where is SLA’s Cheerleading Team

Many students don’t know this, but SLA has a cheerleading team. The team was founded last year by SLA Beeber Athletic Director Melissa Lawson, The team is comprises students from both campuses, SLA at Beeber and SLA at Center City. So, why don’t more students know about the team? For one thing, more members of […]

Me Myself and Internet Access

Aaron Watson-Sharer Editor   When I enrolled at Science Leadership Academy almost four years ago, my friend Jacob assumed I decided on SLA for the free computer. I’ll confess that it was a perk, because I was certain a Macbook Pro was on the way. We all know SLA is a school founded on technology, […]

Boys Basketball Preview and Insight to the Captains

Aaron Watson-Sharer Staff Writer It’s December, which means the SLA  boys basketball team has embarked  on another season with the goal of making the playoffs, a feat the team has yet to achieve. This year’s team  team is led by senior captains Lewis Ford and Benjamin Simon. The duo became co-captains as juniors and have […]

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SLA and The SEPTA Strike

Aaron Watson-Sharer Editor   For most Philadelphia students, SEPTA is like water: We need it to keep going. On November 1st, SEPTA’s Transit Workers Union began a strike over their contract. SLA prepared for the strike days before, asking for carpools and contacting families. On Monday, an announcement in the advisory memo asked students who […]

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