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The Challenge of Finding Baseball Fields in Philadelphia

  Benjamin Simon Staff Writer   When you first step on the baseball field at Vare Recreation Center, it’s clear that the space needs some work. Whether it’s the dirt bike tracks ripping the outfield or the stunningly short right field fence, the field is not ideal by any means. But Vare is the home […]

The Splitting of SLA Center City and SLA Beeber Sports

Deja Harrison Staff Writer   Within the last year SLA Center City and SLA Beeber’s sports team have split up to form their own individual school teams. Every sports team was supposed to do this but it seems as though the girls’ sports teams have had some sort of exemption to this. Why is that? […]

SLA CC vs Beeber: A Christmas Tradition?

Avi Cantor Staff Writer In the final minutes of the 2016 SLA Beeber vs. SLA Center City, SLA Beeber came back to grab their first lead of the game. No big deal. But when point guard Myles Nicholson sunk two free throws in a row, he put one finger up to his lips. Shock went […]

Youthful Girls’ Basketball Team Prepared To Head into 2016-17 Season

Benjamin Simon Sports Editor Three years ago, coach Erin Giorgio compiled one of the best girls’ basketball teams in the Public League. After opening up the season 7-0, the Science Leadership Academy Rockets finished the regular season 9-3 and earned themselves a playoff appearance. A year later, while in the top division, the team went […]

Kaepernick Creates Space for All to Protest

Benjamin Simon Sports Editor I have never put my hand over my heart during the National Anthem. I grew up with a father who consistently expressed his distaste for America. He fantasized about living somewhere else and always balked at any forms of patriotism. For him, that included putting your hand over your heart. As […]

SLA Ultimate Frisbee Catches Morning Practice…Sometimes

Caroline Pitone Staff Writer It’s 6AM. Where are you? Most SLA students are still in bed, but for a select few students each fall, they are already on their way to ultimate frisbee practice. There are benefits to playing this sport and things that can grind people’s gears. The ultimate frisbee holds practice that are […]

How Concussions and Injuries Have Transformed Football

Benjamin Simon Staff Writer On March 16, 2015, the San Francisco 49ers’ promising linebacker, Chris Borland, called it a career. He was twenty-four years old.  Despite the fame and million dollar contracts of professional football, he decided it was time to hang up his jersey. Millions of people would die to be in Borland’s position, […]

March Madness Recap

  Benjamin Simon Staff Writer Just a little more than a week ago, March Madness wrapped up yet another eventful and exciting couple weeks. Here is a look into my personal awards of the tournament.   Biggest Upset: NC State over Villanova Who saw this game coming? The Wolfpack were quite shaky entering the tournament, […]

Temple is Bound for NIT Crown

Benjamin Simon Staff Writer Two weeks ago, Temple sat impatiently waiting to hear their name called on Selection Sunday. Instead, they found themselves as a NIT (National Invitation Tournament) number 1 seed. They entered the tournament with a shaky and unconvincing win against the 8th seeded Bucknell, but bounced back with strong victories against George […]

Villanova Sent Pack-ing

Benjamin Simon Staff Writer Who saw the 21 and 13 North Carolina State Wolfpack upsetting the 2 loss Villanova Wildcats? Absolutely no one. Outside of Kentucky (who went 31-0 during the regular season), Nova was the most consistent college basketball team in the nation. The squad had won 16 straight games and looked unstoppable. They […]

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