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How To Get Kicked Out of SLA

Fatu Castillo Staff Writer According to the School District Of Philadelphia, the only way a student can be expelled from any Philadelphia school is by violating of the Code Of Student Conduct. In practice, it’s simple, a student violates one of the rules and they receive an expulsion referral from the school, easy. But not […]

Column: Our Thoughts on The Vote

Tamir Harper Staff Writer At 1PM last Thursday, an email hit student inboxes that changed the life of the SLA Family. The email that made everyone’s heartbeat, palms sweat and want to jump into action. Founding Principal Chris Lehmann — or, as some students like to call him, Poppa Lehmann — sent a surprise update […]

Column: 440 Conference Disappoints

Saamir Baker Staff Writer I like going to conferences. If it’s a topic I can engage with, I love attacking it head on and debating with people who have opposing views. On Friday, May 19th, I had the opportunity to attend a conference at the Central Office (440) of the School District. I initially thought […]

Dear White SLA…

Tamir Harper Staff Writer Dear White People,   Where do I begin? Do I have to begin by justifying  this piece or explaining what racism is?   This inspiration for piece originated from the Netflix movie and series “Dear White People.” I strongly recommend the movie and show to everyone regardless of their race.   […]

Column: NFL Draft Causing Detours

Lauren  Nicolella Staff Writer Philadelphia had an awesome opportunity to hold the NFL Draft, but since I’m not a fan of football, it just was an annoyance. SEPTA had a bunch of detours, streets were closed off, people were flooding every corner, and there was a constant whirl of helicopters passing up above. It made […]

Column: Tamir Rice

Tamir Harper Staff Writer I hear it, see it and feel it as I run my hand across the piece of paper. I question do I correct you or allow your ignorance to continue. But when I allow your ignorance to continue I beat myself up inside because of a message I attempt to deliver […]

Column: Does the Spirit of SLA Exist on 22nd and Arch?

Aidan Williams Guest Writer I am a transfer student. I began my freshman year in a school in Ireland, and moved back to Philly before the start of sophomore year, settling into SLA. For all of sophomore year, I lived only about 7 blocks away from the school, making the commute extremely simple. I love […]

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Column: Organizing the Jerseys

Saamir Baker Staff Writer Starting over the summer, I began to plan the long grueling job that would be ordering newly designed jerseys for the SLA ultimate uniforms. A feat that has not been accomplished since the first uniform designed when the first team was established. It all began with meeting with the lady that […]

Column: SEPTA Key??

Mekhi Granby Staff Writer For as long as I can remember, paying for Septa meant using a transpass, token, transfer, or cash of some sort. With the exclusion of the senior citizens pass, you’ve got to swipe, drop, or feed your payment into some kind of a machine before you can get a ride.   […]

Students of both Genders Discuss Catcalling

Deja Harrison Staff Writer Catcalling affects women of all ages. But what do female students at SLA really think of the practice? What’s it like when they experience it? Here are their stories: Alex Rivera, Sophomore In the beginning of this year, I was getting off the bus to go home after school. I’m walking […]

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