SLAMedia is a publication of the news for the Science Leadership Academy
community. Writers come from the student body in 10th, 11th, and 12th grades. We
work in unison to create a functioning paper with biweekly postings on a variety of

Mission Statement
1. Be a unique source of content created by and for students.
2. Provide students with information about SLA and its cultures, and make connections
between SLA and the larger world.
3. Provide a place for students to share their thoughts and opinions in a formal way.
4. Appeal to all readers -- both in the SLA community and the general public.

Editorial Board 2016-2017
Co-Editors in Chief
Kia Dasilva & Darius Purnell

Features Editors
Michaela Petersen & Imani Weeks

Opinion Editor
Chiara Nemati

Sports Editors
Ben Simon & Aaron Watson-Sharer

Arts & Entertainment Editor
Isabel Medlock

Chloe Epstein

Staff Writers

Teacher Sponsor 
Larissa Pahomov