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  • Movie Review: Creed 3

    Braylon Dunlap Staff Writer Creed lll is the third installment to the Creed franchise and the eighth installment in the seemingly never-ending Rocky franchise. Usually when a series reaches its third movie, the franchise starts to value quantity over quality, and critical reception tends to decline. So as I went to go see Creed III, […]

  • Movie Review: Bones and All, A Romance Both Bloody and Beautiful

    Lara Rosenbach Staff Writer Courtesy of Yahoo! Bones and All I hadn’t heard anything about this film until I went to see it with a friend—my first time at the new-ish AMC Fashion District theater in Center City. This might’ve been because it didn’t sound like any movie I’d seen before.  Bones and All is […]

  • Movie Review: The Fablemans, Spielberg’s Story

    Lara Rosenbach Staff Writer Courtesy of Arts Commented The Fabelmans I wasn’t sure what to expect when saw The Fabelmans in Washington with my mom and grandmom. All I knew was that it was the semi-autobiographical story of Steven Spielberg’s life, a famed director whom made many movies I’d enjoyed, such as Indiana Jones, Jurassic […]

  • Movie Review: “Do Revenge”? Do Better

    Lara Rosenbach Staff Writer Courtesy of “The Red Ledger” On September 16th, Do Revenge was released. After seeing countless videos mocking and praising it, I decided to form my own opinion. Before viewing, I put together a checklist in my head of what makes a good movie: great character design, a cohesive plot, and originality. […]

  • Movie Review: Us

    Lily Bromley Staff Writer The motif of the evil twin is a common one in horror films. What is more terrifying than an exact copy of you, that walks like you, talks like you… and knows all of your weaknesses? Jordan Peele’s “Us” brings a new take to the evil twin and poses the question, […]

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