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  • Opinion: Why Culture Day Matters

    By Nora Garg Guest Writer SLA just recently started planning for its first-ever Culture Day hosted by the Students Of Color Association, which was founded this school year. To provide context, it was declared much needed by students of color at our school, who were surprised that the only Culture Day we had was a […]

  • Movie Review: Creed 3

    Braylon Dunlap Staff Writer Creed lll is the third installment to the Creed franchise and the eighth installment in the seemingly never-ending Rocky franchise. Usually when a series reaches its third movie, the franchise starts to value quantity over quality, and critical reception tends to decline. So as I went to go see Creed III, […]

  • Column: How is the economy doing?

    Biran Mahmoud Staff Writer Americans are dealing with inflation and increased prices. What does that mean for us? According to CNBC Inflation kept increasing in March, the prices for consumer goods jumped by 8.5%, according to the Labor Department — states that this has been “the largest year-on-year increase since February 1981.”      Because of the […]

  • Mind Your Business When It Comes To A Women’s Uterus

    Staff Writer: Aylin Echandy Men are planning to overturn Roe Vs Wade! The abortion topic is sensitive to some and open to others, but it isn’t about how people feel but instead about woman rights to make decisions.  There is an outroar of rage in the U.S due to the leak of a Supreme Court […]

  • Wage Cuts, And Inflation

    Andre Doyle Staff Writer I have a confession to make: when I started writing this column, I thought that I make too much money at my job. How could that be, you ask? Well, I currently make $25 an hour employed at Footlocker as a junior. I started at $12 an hour two years ago. […]