Dear White SLA…

May 9th, 2017  |  Published in Op/Ed, Uncategorized

Tamir Harper

Staff Writer

Dear White People,



Where do I begin? Do I have to begin by justifying  this piece or explaining what racism is?


This inspiration for piece originated from the Netflix movie and series “Dear White People.” I strongly recommend the movie and show to everyone regardless of their race.


During interviews around the SLA community, Black students around the building were definitely “woke” and provided statements about what they want the White community to know — both in and out of SLA.  


Sophomore, Naimia DeBrest: Dear White people, being in a diverse environment does not mean that you are in a petting zoo. You are not able to touch them and question us.  


Junior, Sandra Watson: Dear White people, just because you have a Black friend doesn’t mean you are part of the culture.


Junior TK Saccoh: Dear White People, just because Sharkeesh got into Harvard doesn’t mean she took your spot.


Sophomore Sashoya Dougan: Dear White People, just because you wear Timbs and carry little fuzzy pom-poms on your back pack does not mean you are Black or part of the Culture.


Senior, Husain Kegler: Dear White People, just because you go to a school with Black people that say “Nigga: does not mean you can say it.


Sophomore, Nzinga Bey: Dear White People, can you stop stereotyping the Black community–just because they are Black does not mean they are in a gang or listen to rap music.


Sophomore, Kyianna Thomas: Dear White People, stop asking if my hair is my hair.


Sophomore, Imani Murray: Dear White People, just because I am angry does not mean that I am going to hit you.
Are any of these statements news to you? If they are, As members of the Black community, we ask you to not double down on your defensiveness or anxiety because we doubled downed on our blackness and are checking you. We just want you to understand your privileges.  Stay woke my brothers and sisters!

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