Broen/Bron II: Not to be uderstated

I recently did a review on the TV show Broen/Bron and was thoroughly impressed with the show enough, that I decided to go watch the second series, still including my favorite characters portrayed by Sofia Helin and Kim Bodina, but with a much different tone and crime to solve than the first.

Going into the second series, I was a bit wary of what to expect. Since the show revolves over another crime at the Øresund bridge, I was unsure how the show would pan out. considering the fact that the first series was so well executed, I thought it would be too good to recreate. Nonetheless the first episode came and went giving the same giddiness I felt when beginning the first series. This time,there are multiple starting victims and a much different plot and motive.

As explained I was wary, and cautious when entering this series so I did research on what might or might not happen in the second series but stopped myself before I went too far. That said, I saw some piece of information that didn’t ruin the series for me, but made me dread the end of it. I recommend curbing your temptation to read spoilers online.

This Second series was much more different than the first but with the same gripping intensity and even better character development throughout the course of the show. Having watched the first series, it did feel repetitive at times because I did pick up on some of the techniques used from the last show, such as characters in the beginning story getting knocked off in favor of more important characters who enter the show in later episodes.

Also like the last show, I was dead wrong at points. Just when I thought I had gotten something right and figured out the whole show, something completely unexpected happened and my thinking was thrown off balance.

The Second series overall was a solid, and expert show. This series like the one previously, held no bars back and I did find myself more times in this series than the last, turning away from the screen. I am not as enthusiastic about this series as the last one, as it felt rehashed with the style and technique, but I still am giving it the praise this show deserves because the plot still managed to be fresh. I still recommend watching this series and the first one if you haven’t already as this show is expert cinema. So good in fact, that I am going to go look for the third season right now.


The second season of Broen/Bron can be purchased on Amazon or found online and watched at your own risk.

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