Locker Talk: What was the dumbest thing you did when you were a kid?

Aidan Williams, Staff Writer


“I threw my friends phone over the Sth st bridge into Penn Park while the Penn relays were going on. We couldn’t get in because the relays were going on, so we had to ask people for tickets. It turned out that I threw the phone into a restricted section for runners only, and we spent a long time trying to get in. Eventually we convinced them to let us in.”








“I was in South Africa. I was in the safari and the tour guy had said, “Don’t put your hands out of the jeep.” I put my hand out of the Jeep. What I didn’t realize was that there was a lion right there. I freaked out and screamed, and that scared the lion off.”








“One time, I was in North carolina and there was a small scooter. There was also a trampoline, and I decided I was gonna take the scooter on the trampoline and do some tricks. I was doing tricks on the trampoline, and my mom told me not to, but I did anyways. Low and behold, I was on the trampoline with my cousin doing tricks. I jumped, and the bottom swung around, hit my cousin in the face, and then bounced back and hit me.”








“I used to eat lotion.”








“Me and my sister were fighting one time, and I got really mad, and I threw a plastic cup at her. She was standing in front of a mirror, and she ducked. I shattered the mirror. My mom got another mirror. I did it again.”

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“Here’s one I was quite pissed about in elementary school. There’s these kids, and they’re all having each other draw in each other’s yearbooks. I drew a mustache on someone’s favorite teacher, and I got in so much trouble for it. They wanted me to pay for this kid’s year book, and this kid bought the premium edition, which was like 40 bucks. It turned out the teacher had cancer.  So, not wanting to pay for the yearbook, I lied and said my friend did it. He got in trouble often, so they believed me. Let me say, I never paid any money.”


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