March Madness Reminiscing


These are common things I hear when trying to go to sleep in my household in march. The hype of March Madness has yet again passed.

My dad, mom, sister, and I are all dedicated Wisconsin Badger fans. This year, with them going to the final four, the excitement was as high as ever. Our family was decked out in red sweatshirts/shirts and choosing our favorite players.

March Madness has a culture to it, and my family loves it. Every year during March I can expect the screams, baked snacks, and wild cheers. It brings my family together (my grandparents came from Massachusetts) and also brings to life old rivals (boo Kentucky).

For the Wisconsin vs Kentucky game, we had 20 people in our living room cheering on the good guys (mostly). The few Kentucky fans were constantly booed and my mom may have threatened to kick them out of the house. Unfortunately they stayed, and Kentucky got a lucky shot for the win.

It was a hard loss, considering the well loved Badgers only lost by one point. Devastated, we all went to bed and reminisced over the great season.

The Badgers are #2 when predicting how good their season will be for 2015. I look forward to the Badgers winning and kicking butt



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