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By Nicholas Murray

Netflix is an efficient way to stream shows and movies anywhere. I have recently started to use Netflix to do just this. I (with much obsession) successfully watched everything I intended to watch and much more. There are many good shows to watch on Netflix, but at the same time, there are some shows that I wish were on it, to watch for the first time or to watch more the tenth time. This is an article about two good shows currently on Netflix and one show in particular I would like to see added.

Archer is an animated tv show which features a lot of humor on the mature side. It follows spies from the organization, “ISIS,” with the main character Archer. With its constant “sophisticated” humor, and the total 49 episodes available on on Netflix, it will keep you entertained for a while.

A few weeks ago, a “new” show was added to Netflix, which had many people feeling nostalgic. This show was Pokemon: Indigo League, the original Pokemon series. For many, including me, this was the best out of the following series. Following Ash Ketchum and his pokemon pikachu, we see them battle and befriend other trainers on Ash’s journey to become a Pokemon Master. Featuring the first 52 episodes of the Pokemon series, those who want to revisit their childhood, or those who want to watch it for the first time. can watch it all on Netflix.

One Piece is a very popular anime centering around the pirate Monkey D. Luffy. Luffy ate a Devil Fruit which gave him the properties of rubber. Using his power he sets out to create his own crew in order to find the ultimate treasure, “One Piece,” and become the pirate king. This show has a great blend of humor and tragedy, with each character having a deep backstory that will leave the watcher wanting more. With an astonishing 643 episodes, and no sign of slowing down, it would be great to have this added to Netflix to be watched by all.

Netflix has made my social life a bit easier by allowing me to watch popular shows that my friends obsess over. Anyone who does not have an account, should at least think about doing so. It may not be the best for everyone, but you may find good shows on it like I have, or obsess over the ones that are not on it. It’s your choice.


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