The Faces of 440

By Marnae Penn

Have you ever wanted a friend who was so thoughtful? Someone who listens to you and cares for you. This girl will play alternative music, bring you chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, and watch That 70s show all night. Her name is Avery Buglione. Her last name is pretty hard to pronounce so, for now, we’ll call her Avery B. Avery B. is a girl who keeps you smiling. She’s sweet and nice. Whenever you’re around her you’ll be surrounded with pets, from cats to dogs to a cute guinea pig. Need a morning refresher well she’ll have Dunkin waiting for you. Want to go shopping? She’ll take you to Brandy Melville in downtown Philadelphia on Walnut Street. Want to grab a quick bite to eat? Well grab her and get some Chick-Fil-A but only those waffle fries. She’s a vegetarian. What’s your sign? Like Pisces? Well, that’s her sign! Her birthday, which is in the heart of spring, is the perfect time for her hobbies. Her favorite hobby is frisbee and she can teach you the correct way to throw and the proper way to catch. Another one of her hobbies includes homework. Avery would be an excellent person to ask for help in English and history. Avery plans her future well. Before jumping to adulthood she attended The Waldorf School of Philadelphia, which she called a “cult.” Now she attends a school she loves which is Science Leadership Academy. She wants to get married and work in the medical field. 


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