Pedestrian Hit Outside of SLA

Benjamin Simon

Staff Writer


Pedestrian gets hit by car outside SLA


At approximately 7:45 AM Thursday morning, a young woman was hit by a car while attempting to cross Arch street towards the school.


“I got off the bus and then there was a loud crash” said Sophomore Chhievling Seng. “I saw a [woman] laying there in the street.” Seng is referring to the accident that occurred this morning on Thursday December 11th.

As the city was rising, snow lightly falling on the ground, a young lady ran across the street. The woman, who Seng thought was in her early twenties, was running from the corner parallel to the side of SLA, to catch the bus that was pulling up. Seng and fellow Sophomore Tahmidul Bhuiyan were on that bus and were getting off when the crash occurred.

In order to catch the bus, the woman felt it was necessary to run against the light. As she crossed, she was struck by a “big, black car”, says Bhuiyan.

The two students did not see the crash, but they saw the lady lying in the middle of the street and instantly notified School Officer Cynthia Byrd. She checked to make sure no students or staff of SLA were injured, and fortunately, none were.

The woman was taken to  in Hahnemann hospital on Broad Street. Her status is unknown.

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