SLA gains $15K from Lindback Award

By Mike Dea

Staff Writer

Principal Lehmann is the recipient of the Lindback Award For Outstanding Principal Leadership, awarded to him on February 27th, 2012.

The Lindback Award is given as a recognition of principals within the School District of Philadelphia who have gone above and beyond their given responsibilities.

The school of each recipient of the Lindback award is given $15,000, which they can then use as they see would best benefit the school.

To receive the award, one must be nominated by two teachers, a parent, and a student.

Mr. Lehmann found it an honor to have been nominated. “It was unbelievably humbling that the community of SLA thought I deserved the award.”

During a time of budget cuts in the School District, the additional $15,000 that came with the award was an added benefit. Lehmann is going to use this addition to help pay for next year’s laptops.

“We spend about $180,000 on laptops, including teachers and students,” Lehmann noted. “The majority of which is for students.”

With such a large amount of funds to raise, and a reduction in aid from the School District, every bit of fundraising helps.

Mr. Lehmann appreciates his fellow principals that he’s relied on for guidance and aid.

“Within the community of the School District of Philadelphia, there’s an amazing group of principals who are amazing, successful, and who use our colleagues to bounce ideas off of and use as sounding boards,” he said.

“So when one of us wins the award, it is shared with all of the principals in this city who work in service of our city’s children.”

With this amount in place, SLA is now more than halfway to their fundraising goal for next year’s laptops.

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