Column: My Time at SLA’s Detention

Jeremiah Butler

Staff Writer

I’m sure most students at SLA have been on the verge of having Saturday detention at least once. For me, I went beyond that verge and had my first detention during my freshman year. I was still managing my timing to get up at a reasonable time to get dressed, eat breakfast, get ready to leave out of the house and go to school. I realized only two of those things I could actually do and one of them would be shortened majorly, and those are: getting dressed and going to school.

Freshmen year I was so ready to take on high school and not be as late as I was in middle school. The latenesses of course wasn’t on purpose, but since my old school had no consequences added on to being late, it was a matter of me not realizing my lateness will affect me in the long run.

Enforcing this detention on a student’s saturday morning is a call for students to be more responsible.

SLA detentions are usually held on the third Saturday morning of every month from 9 a.m to 11 a.m. With detention you have to come on time, because if you don’t you will have to remake that detenion up even if your already there and late. Also, if you didn’t know before: detentions have to be done, if you don’t you won’t be able attend any prom. And who really wants that?  

Once you’re there, make sure you sign in, otherwise you’re wasting your time. I almost made that mistake, and I would’ve regret it forever. I was under the impression that you just come to detention and sit there until your sentence was up. I was later informed what would be happening that detention by a teacher, which was a relief.

Later, we were all assigned one or more tasks,  depending on the first task workload. Those task could range from meaningful, in the sense that you’re doing something for the school, and time consuming to easy and quick. You would be assigned a task like pick up all the trash on the 3rd and 5th floor or simply just sweep the floors where needed.

I would say present at this particular detention was a total of maybe twenty to twenty six people there. So, my task was to go around the 1st and 2nd floor looking for any holes, writing, stains, drawings or anything that wasn’t supposed to be on the walls. Then to report all the places I found in an email and send it to a teacher.

I was one of those who thought if I get this task done fast then the sooner I can leave. But unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. Once you finish your task you tell a teacher,  and then you wait until detention is dismissed and then leave.

If I knew that we couldn’t leave early I would’ve took my time with my task, just to preserve time so I wouldn’t be completely bored.

On the whole, I feel that detention has a good purpose. However, , the structure of it all could be better. Some task are more time consuming than others, which makes the rest of the time pointless. Letting students leave once their task is checked and done, would seem fair to students who need to serve their time in detention.  


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