Valentine’s Day Gone Wrong- Funny & Embarrassing Valentine’s Day Stories

Darius Purnell

Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day Gone Wrong

Funny & Embarrassing Valentine’s Day Stories

When it comes to Valentine’s, day many people first imagine it as a lovely “holiday” where people shower their love one with love, affection and gifts. Usually when planning ahead, they assume everything will go perfectly and it will be the most romantic and memorable time of the year. However, this is not always how it goes.

I went around the SLA community and ask people what were their most funny and embarrassing Valentine’s Day stories,. Based on what I found, the holiday has developed to a time to be by themselves and just joy alone time or a time for casual interactions with love ones and not so much serious and romantic. Also I noticed that not so many boys had an experience with the holiday.

“Its Not The Sameeeee!”

This story comes from  Tianna McNair, a 10th grader. She told me that a couple years ago she didn’t have a valentine and was very upset. So her grandfather bought her some candy to cheer her up. Later that day she was in the car with her father eating the candy when he slammed the brakes and the candy flew out her hand. Her father wanted to make up for her, so he took her to the dollar store and bought her some more. The candy wasn’t just not as good– Tianna found it nasty. So she started crying again saying, “Its not the sameeeeee!”


The second person that had an interesting story about Valentine’s Day was the photography & digital video teacher and the baseball coach, Mr. Herman He told me jokingly that “Netflix was really crafty about how they launched the second season of house of cards on Valentine’s Day” He didn’t want to miss such an opportunity so unlike any other year where he normally cooks dinner for his girlfriend, he boycotted the holiday instead with a marathon of House of Cards. he now represents the hashtag, #Frankunderwoodforlife.

“All Fun & Games until Someone Gets Lice”

Zoe Anderson, a fellow 10th grade student, allowed me to share her third grade Valentine’s Day experience. Before Valentine’s Day, she had unknowingly gotten lice. She end up infecting the whole class on Valentine’s Day. As a joke and apology, Zoe and her mother made cards with cartoon lice on them and passed them out to her classmates once everyone was treated.

You’re Awesome Girl!”

During her 2nd grade year, Michaela Peterson’s mother was a guest speaker at her school. Her mother also brought in candy hearts with messages on them. Michaela helped pass them out. When she approached a boy in her class named Miles, she gave him a candy heart. What surprised Miles was that it read “You’re awesome girl”. Miles assumed that Michaela purposely gave that specific one to him. People started talking to him as if he was a girl and gave him a female name as a joke. For a while, Michaela and Miles found that experience awkward and the two of them couldn’t look at each other for a week.

“What is this?!”

Katarina Backo wasn’t born here in America. In fact she was born in Serbia and hasn’t been here in her new of the USA for more than 5 years. When she came to America on January 18th in 2011, she didn’t know much about the customs, culture and even any English. When Valentine’s Day came around she had only adjusted just a little bit so she could at least understand some English but still not aware of most of the culture. When she was in class a boy was passing out valentines. When he handed one to her, she then freaked out because she was not aware of what Valentine’s Day was and what was handed to her. She quickly gave it back and yelled to him “What is this?!”


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