Annoyances: A Schooling Struggle

Chuckie Copeland

Staff Writer


At school and at home, many things annoy us. Siblings, parents, people doing certain actions. All of those can be very frustrating — and what’s worse is that those perpetrating the frustration may not even know it.


At SLA, many expressed grievances over numerous topics in the school. A survey was created and sent to seniors and sophomore  about annoyances in school. and here is what they said.


Many people at this school like a relaxed learning environment and to not be rushed by teachers and school personnel. The number 3 annoyance at this school was “Super Strict Rule Enforcers.”  It should be pointed out that of the responses, 52% were Seniors and only 48% were Sophomores, so for whatever reason, annoying at this goes up slightly over time.


Do you know that feeling when you turn in a benchmark, and wait for it to be graded? Sometimes weeks will go by on assignments when you need the points for your grade and you might have to end up waiting until the end of the quarter to read your grade. The number 2 annoyance at this school is, “Work that is not graded.” It should be noted that some responses were directed towards specific teachers whom students said were notorious for ungraded work. The frustration evident is astonishingly clear, although it varied widely by grade level: only 32% Seniors are disturbed by ungraded work, compared to 68% of Sophomore respondents.

Before we reach the number one annoyance at SLA, there are shout out annoyances that were not as popular, but still quite frustrating.


Senior Taylor Washington described the feeling when getting “Busy work” quite succinctly. “When getting busy work in a class during your senior year, is actually the most annoying because we have so much work to do as it is to get into college.” Many other seniors were behind that sentiment.


One last notable annoyance was people who are very loquacious. Though it did not garner as many responses as other “more popular” annoyances, it actually had the most quotables stories.


SLA senior Nagee Graves was quite fed up with distractions, “In my classes, there’s always kids not doing their work and it’s so distracting… I don’t want hear you ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE ROOM. Literally it’s so annoying.” A quete fiery response to the kids who distract learners in class.


Now it’s time to unveil the most predictable, yet most frustrating thing at SLA. With almost three quarters of respondents stating this as their number one or two most annoying thing at SLA, “group members who do not do their work” took the top spot for the number one most annoying thing at SLA.


It is easy to tell why that would be the case, many teachers during project time, get students come up to them and state that one group member is not contributing. It’s also a constant theme, certain students do not wish to work as hard as others and hold other group members back.


However, it should also be noted that there was quite a notable disparity between grade responses. Only 40% of Seniors recorded this as an answer while 60% of Sophomores did the same. In the four years time of being in high school, it seems to have taken a great effect on seniors deal with these types of disturbances.


There’s one clear trend in this survey: sophomores are more annoyed than seniors. They found grievances in everything. Why this difference? For whatever reason, seniors are more relaxed about the annoyances at SLA. So sophomores, just wait it out and that disorganized group member will bug you less in a couple years.


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