Ghost of Sanchez Haunts SLA




By Kenyatta Bundy

Staff Writer

Today students at Science Leadership Academy walked into school to an unexpected surprise; the entire school decorated for today October 31st better known as, Halloween.

With caution tape on the wall, spider webs on the starewells, and spooky music playing on the third floor, no Science Leadership Halloween decoration would have been complete without the “Ghost of Sanchez”.

Junior Max Amar-Olkus and Senior Joseph Tartaglia posted black and white photos of former history teacher Juan Sanchez, in obscure places around SLA.

When asked about why they posted up these pictures of Sanchez, Olkus and Tartaglia had this to say, “Part of it was in remembrance of one of our fallen heroes and the other part was because it was funny. To make the school scary, any normal ghost picture wouldn’t have worked so, Sanchez’s ghost picture would be a perfect solution to our problem.”

Due to the fact that Sanchez left last year, the Freshman of this year have no clue who the man in these pictures are.

Olkus and Tartaglia had this to say to the Freshman, “Now you know who Sanchez is from the pictures in the hallway. So my question to you is, who do you think the man behind the picture was? What do you think of the deeper meaning of us putting up the pictures was? They say you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but really it’s a very deep and complex book, that you can judge by it’s cover. It’s only a cover.”

After joking about why the pictures were really posted Joe had a simple message directed to Mr. Sanchez, “We miss you. Come back. Why would you leave? Pittsburgh isn’t even all that great.”

 “He’s in Boston,” Olkus said.

“Boston’s worse,” Tartaglia replied.


One response to “Ghost of Sanchez Haunts SLA”

  1. Mr. Sanchez’s students:

    What a wonderful thing to do for him. I personally know what a wonderful person he is. But the kindness (and respect) that you are showing is so touching. The older generation always wonders what kind of people we’re leaving the future to….. first from Juan Gabriel (Mr. Sanchez’s name he was born with) and now from you, it’ll be even better than we left it. Peace and happiness,

    Mr. Sanchez’s father

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