Students Give Teachers Makeovers

Staff Writer: Aylin Echandy

It’s no secret that students judge the fashion choices of their teachers. I have heard students point out certain clothing or shoe style that they were disgusted by when their teachers walked past. I have always wondered why students would frown their face and stare with a face full of shame and embarrassment. So why are students so bothered and impacted by teachers’ clothing?

The issue went viral last month when students at Freire Charter decided to start their teacher a GoFundMe because they felt as though he needed an upgrade on shoes. The GoFundMe was supposed to be an April Fools joke, but it ended up going viral. Mr. Julian’s history class wanted to see their teacher in new kicks after wearing the same shoes for four years. The students raised over $3,000. No word on how many pairs of shoes they bought their teacher.

I admit that it can be hard to focus when you see questionable and weird-looking clothing walking around, so I could understand and vouch for the feelings of certain students when they are paying attention to what their teachers choose to wear. And. But how do SLA teachers fare in the eyes of their students? Are they more fashionable than the teacher whose students wanted to buy him a new pair of kicks? Or are they old and out-of-date?

I decided to randomly ask students about what their dream outfits would look like for their teachers. 

“I like how Mr. Todd dresses, but I really feel that his shoe game could use some improvement,” said Sophmore Jabree Brown. “If I were to dress him, I would pick him out some black jeans, a Polo white tee, and some OG Patent Bred Jordan 1’s.” 

Sophomore Fanta Dukley chose Ms. Gasser to makeover.

“She dresses really comfy and that’s like her signature style. It fits her well since she has this soft attitude. A dream outfit I would choose is a cardigan with some baggy pants.” -10th, Dukley 

Sophomore Jasmine Young had somewhat-kind words for the instructional staff at SLA.

 “I mean some of them usually don’t actually dress badly, you can just tell that they are a teacher.”

Now that the students have made their opinions known,  will teachers continue to allow their students to be distracted by their clothing, or will they take inspiration to switch it up and show their ‘22 “swag”? 

Only time will tell.

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