The Guide For Perfect Gifts For Friends

Darius Purnell

Staff Writer

Who likes the stress of picking out holiday gifts? And who likes getting a bad gift? This guide is here to make sure you get perfect gifts to those close to you.

One of the first things you should do is to come up with a list of those people you are buying gifts for.  so you can stay organized and not forget anyone. Usually the best people for this list are close friends and best friends. Next, you need to set a price limit for everyone. I personally tell myself no more than $15, that way my total wouldn’t be so high, if you believe in a higher price you can go right ahead. If you wish you can ask your friends what they want . That would be easier for you but that might take away the fun of surprising your friends and seeing their faces light up when they remove the wrapping paper.

If you wish to surprise your friends, you will have to become each and every person on that list you previously made. You need to think like them and know exactly what they like, which is the main reason why you should limit your list to only best and close friends. For example, if your friend likes ultimate frisbee or looking at cute puppies on the internet; you would search for a gift along the lines of a custom frisbee with their name on it or a phone case with a dog on it.

When it comes next after finding what category and item you have chosen, you then have to look at the quality of the gift.  No matter the maximum amount you set you can still find amazing things that will last a beating.

If you are getting the item online, look at the reviews. The the score of stars for the item should be no less than  4.5/5 and the written reviews should be all positive. All of what I said may sound impossible, but its not . I have always been able to fine low priced gifts that have excellent quality and not a single bad review on Amazon.  If you are going to a store, you can judge for yourself if the item is good or not. (If you don’t know good places to go to buy gifts, read up on the article by Angelica Owens called SLA Gift Guide.)

Once you have gathered all of the gifts, and what is a fun thing that adds more meaning to the gifts is adding a cute little card or note inside each gift letting the person know how important they are to you. Make sure the tag on the wrapping paper with the person’s name and the name on the card match, so there will be no confusion.

If you use these little tips and add your own creative spin on  gift trading with friends you can guarantee a happy holiday.

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