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  • All Eyes on Ukraine

    Sean Hogan Staff Writer Since February 24th if this year ], the world has had its eyes on the war that Russia has waged in Ukraine. The conflict has displaced at least 10 million people and resulted in sanctions and businesses pulling out of Russia. The concern about the oil supply has caused massive price […]

  • Paying A Pretty Penny For College?

    University of Vermont

    Claire Powell Staff Writer     As SLA seniors consider their college acceptances, they are faced with two questions — where they got into, and what their financial packages look like. For the Class of 2022, the decision is complicated by covid as a new factor, since.. Many people are at a loss for a steady […]

  • Symonds Is Leaving SLA

    Lia Dunakin, Adrie Young Staff Writer Daniel Symonds, an African American and World History teacher at SLA, is leaving the SLA community at the end of the school year after six years of teaching here.  During his time as a teacher at the school, Symonds has helped to establish many new and exciting programs. These […]

  • Stress of Student-Athletes Takes a Toll

    Oskar Glahn Staff Writer Students nowadays can undergo a lot of stress due to high amounts of schoolwork and the social life of attending high school or university. Now add sports; intensive workouts, practice and film sessions, and a lot less time to do schoolwork. Being a student-athlete can undoubtedly add a lot of stress […]

  • Mess In The Commons

    Cameron Booker  Staff Writer The amount of trash in the commons is absurd. People really should begin to clean up after themselves because this is our school and we should definitely keep it clean because our school is a reflection of who we are.  As the first quarter comes to an end people are realizing […]